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Dasia Zanders continues to write bringing comfort, self-awareness, and entertainment to readers. Finding inspiration from daily life and the never-ending experience of discovering the inner self, she aspires to challenge herself with each new project. Dasia'a goal is to keep crafting new ideas and compelling characters that are reflective of the diverse and unique people one meets in their life journey. 

While expanding into new creative outlets, Dasia has furthered her education in Clinical Psychology and hopes to continue working within the field. Her firm belief that people deserve the opportunity to heal is expressed in her professional and personal life. As Dasia continues pursuing her dreams and goals, she hopes to inspire and communicate with others along the way. 

Cassadine Trilogy 2016 


Dasia Zanders has been putting pen to paper since she was very young and began working on her first novel at the age of twelve. Now, after honing her writing skills through her pivotal adolescent years, she has completed the first two volumes of her trilogy of work about the Cassadine Clan. 

Her first novel, The Cassadine Conception, introduces us to a very special group of supernatural teens who live double lives in the human and immortal realms. In the Cassadine Dagger and Ring, Sebastian, Rosalia and Elizabeth, struggle with finding themselves and their place in two worlds as they learn to become leaders and discover how things and others aren’t always as they seem as turmoil unfolds around them. 

Dasia’s novels have already earned their rightful place on the shelves of public and high school libraries. They continue to be added to teen / young adult collections across the country and their popularity continues to grow with the anticipated 2017 release of the final installment of her trilogy.

Based upon her everyday experiences, Zanders’ characters are compelling, soulful and relatable. Just like their creator, they’re not your average teens next door. You’re invited to come and step into her spellbinding world where modern life meets an ancient kingdom and magic, intrigue, romance, and treachery abound.
Dasia currently resides in the Orlando, Fl area. Though she is now starting her first year of college, she continues to write daily drawing inspiration from the people, places, the natural beauty, and conversely, the darkness that surrounds her.

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