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Apartment 42 

Apartment 42 Cover Official.jpg

Welcome to Fairview Shores where casual acquaintances turn into deep emotional bonds. 


After moving into their new apartment and meeting their neighbors, Ivory and Larissa couldn't foresee how much their lives would change. While learning to navigate their emotions and mental health a found family forms.


This compelling and immersive narrative reveals the inner struggle and isolation experienced with depression. When acceptance, friendship, and support are within reach, the strength and bravery to confront emotional vulnerabilities is in sight.  

Hi everyone! 

I am so excited to announce that Apartment 42 has finally arrived! You can get a physical and digital copy ordered now! If you head over to the 'Quizzes' tab you will find some fun quizzes that are free of spoilers for you to take in your free time! They are designed to be short and fun! c: 


This has been such a special journey for me as a writer and a person. My hope is that this novel serves as a way for you to feel comfort, laughter, acceptance, and move forward in exploring who you are without fear or worry. Mental health is incredibly important to me and I wanted to write a book that honored that sentiment the best I could. It's okay to not know where you're going or what you're doing, but I sincerely hope that each of you find the things, places, and people that help motivate you, support you, and reach your version of happiness and success. 

I couldn't have made it this far without a long list of people. I'm forever grateful to Vicky, who has stuck beside me and mentored me in as many ways as she can. She worked just as hard to help get me from one point to the next. My mother has also been an incredibly beautiful soul and supportive in every aspect of my existence. Finally, my Grammy has been the light of my dark tunnels. She's given me plenty of motivational speeches, encouragement, and engaged in multiple conversations with me that go deeper into topics that perhaps I would not be as comfortable sharing with other people. If it weren't for her influence in my life I am not sure you would have the Dasia that all of you have graciously come to accept,  support, and love. 

Thank you everyone for being here for me in all the ways that you can. I deeply appreciate the support, the commentary, and the admiration you have given. I do not take it for granted and I always intend to improve as a person in order to give authentic, creative, and impactful stories and other content for you to find comfort in. I hope I continue to make people smile, laugh, or find the comfortability to be able to express themselves and communicate. Thank you for giving me opportunities and places to voice myself. Thank you so much for being here. 

Stay safe and stay healthy. 


Dasia Zanders 

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