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Always Discovering You 

Discovering who we are is a lifelong process but it doesn't always have to be a difficult one! Always Discovering You is a comfortable safe space for all to find a sense of companionship through chats on life, the creative arts, spirituality, humorous debates, and embarrassing stories with Dasia Zanders and her guests.


Uploads Wednesday Mornings @ 9 A.M.!


Episode List 

1. For The Rough Days 

2. Healing, Creativity, and Apartment 42 

3. Holiday Season, Florida is Stuffy, & Making Reindeer Food 

4. Dasia Zanders Being A Monbebe and Nctzen for 57min Straight. 

5. New Year Anxiety 

6. Stumbling Into 2022 

7. Writing: Creating Characters 

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