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  • Dasia Zanders

Day 1: Thankful For Music

Today, I feel thankful for music.

Throughout my life I have always loved the stories that are told in music of all sorts. Tonight is the American Music Awards and it seems only fitting that I express my gratitude to how music has influenced me as a person and given me inspiration for many story ideas.Some of the best moments I've written happened while I was listening to music blaring in the background or they were inspired by one particular lyric from a song that stuck out to me Tonight proves a point about how art can bring people together no matter the distance or language barriers. I have loved being a fan of various music whether its Kpop or music from Western artist, it has been rewarding to go to concerts or Kpop stores and see how people bond because they enjoy the same artist. Experiencing that unity has given me the dreams to one day be able to bring people together through my words, although it wouldn't be in the same atmosphere as a concert, it would be an honor to one day witness people putting aside any differences they may have to bond and feel safe. Music has provided me with an outlet to clear my mind or hype up my imagination and I can't imagine what type of writer or person I would be without it. I hope everyone has at least one song or one band that makes them feel safe, happy, and inspired.

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