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  • Dasia Zanders

A Year of Breaking Comfort Zones

Growing up with social anxiety was not easy by any means. I had difficulty understanding the communication styles of kids my age and I was always worried about saying or doing anything that would leave me excluded. It was easier to cling to the structures of routine that I found in school or within my home environment. I could understand those. I could shape myself into those routines.

From ages eighteen to twenty-one I struggled to adapt to adulthood because there was no true structure to life. Sure, everyone can tell you exactly what you're supposed to do but they don't actually have a secret formula for it. The anxiety increased and it took three years of dedicated work for me to overcome it. People who have dealt with anxiety feel a certain pride at being able to do tasks that most people deem simple. Ordering a meal is an achievement. Engaging in small talk is an earned skill that once felt unimaginable. Being able to simply ask questions to obtain more information is such a precious gift to people like us. I think it's only right we acknowledge all the work we did to feel that sense of pride.

When I started planning out my ideal 2023 I wanted to enjoy my life more and break away from the comfort zones I've built. I'm taking chances this year. There are so many opportunities for growth in life that it feels hypocritical of me to encourage others to explore and live life as much as possible when I'm not entirely doing so myself. I've started challenging myself from the very start of the year to do things differently. To take care of my health more, try new foods, and start going out twice a month to do something nice for myself by myself, and I'm ready to expand in other areas of my life.

Today, I did something courageous in hopes that it may lead to a new career opportunity. I was nervous at first, which is only natural, but now I feel free. I feel free to see just how amazing life is about to become. If this blessing comes true, it won't be a win only for me but for every single person who has felt like an underdog consistently working hard to achieve their dreams. If this opportunity is not meant for me then I'll mourn what could have been and then I'll pick myself back up and keep pushing.

We are meant to always feel safe. We deserve to always feel safe. However, we are not meant to always be comfortable. We are meant to push beyond our limiting thoughts, work through our fears, and take the explorative route in life. Each year, we become a different version of ourselves. It's never too late to become a version that you hold with pride, a version you hold with love, and a version of yourself that understands that you are deserving to be happy.

Take care of yourself. Drink your water. Stay safe and stay as healthy as you can.

With sincere love,

Dasia Zanders


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