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  • Dasia Zanders

Kelly Clarkson Made My Entire Holiday!

I know.

By the title of this post, this is nothing like my usual content. However, it is the holiday season which means it is the time of year where all my posts become more and more about happier topics and chaotic humor. Among all of the planning, gift shopping, and thinking about the various ways the year is coming to a close there is music. I have always had a deep love for music and have used it in a variety of ways. I've used music to make playlists for the stories I've written or the characters I've worked on. It's been my emotional outlet as it is for most of us. In my free time, I used to play guitar or play around on keyboards and pianos as a way to relax. I've even used music as a way of channeling with people I've lost in life and I know that might sound crazy and if you REALLY want to hear that story I will be more than happy to talk about it or make a post.

When I was younger, I loved holiday music! I thought it was so cheerful and usually, when it wasn't cheerful it was a beautiful arrangement of sounds. I enjoyed different versions of the same songs by different artists. It was truly fun and magical. Then I got older and the music became the same repetitive sounds and over time I lost the joy in the holiday spirit. For the last few years, I haven't played a Christmas album or holiday-themed playlist outside of the party I typically host. All of it lost its spark and enchantment on me. So, yeah, while most people are humming Christmas carols about now, I would be humming Halsey, Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Monsta X, and Ashnikko (yes, I realize that is quite the mash-up. Do not judge my music taste, please and thank you!).

Then emerging brighter than the golden star tree topper I have, Kelly Clarkson arrived with When Christmas Comes Around, and let me tell you...I am alive again. I have never and I mean NEVER felt more excited listening to a Christmas album in my life. Kelly Clarkson managed to craft together an album that explores all the aspects of the holiday season that people can connect to on deep levels of their hearts. There is celebration, heartache, gratitude, and even a bit of introspection twisted into this beautiful album. On one half of the album, there are witty remarks, a dash of sassy attitude, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. At the other end of the album, we get a lovely lift of classic cheer, fun exploration, a reflection of self, and counting blessings. It's the perfect blend! I caught myself hyping her up, laughing, and then crying, writing, and then dancing. All in one go???

Perhaps it's because Kelly Clarkson as an artist and a person was so prominent in my childhood, but she truly did something for me this holiday season that I haven't felt in a long time. She found a way for my inner child to meet my young adult self to celebrate Christmas in an authentically expressive way. That magical joy I once had as a kid was reawakened in adult form. I've played this album at least six or seven times by now and I'm about to play it again while I work on some writing, prepare some fun content for my book, and make other plans for the near future.

Thank you for reading my short ramble. Thank you, Kelly Clarkson, for giving me my ideal album for this holiday season! I'm listening to it on repeat and enjoying every single emotion that comes with it.

Stay safe everyone and take care of yourselves the best you can.


Dasia Z.


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