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  • Dasia Zanders

Day 2: Thankful For Kindness

I've been told a number of times that I'm too sensitive. I've been labeled as too emotional and criticized for overthinking, but I've learned not to pay so much attention to those comments. I'm aware that the compassion I give out makes a difference and when holidays roll around I feel the most comfortable with others. When fall rolls in and holidays stir up, everyone tunes into the warm spirit inside of them. I notice people smiling more, making small conversation, and participating in random acts of kindness. Sometimes I like to sit in parks or sit by the fountains in the mall to watch what people are doing in their day. It's when I witness the laughter or the helpful hand of a stranger holding a door open for someone that I appreciate the last few months in the year the most, I know that the positive energy and bonding experiences are fleeting but I still like to believe that these last few months in the year can be the start of change for the near future. If there's anything I would love to be associated with it would have to be promoting kindness to others. I understand there are times when we shouldn't always be so kind to people because maybe they've hurt us or maybe they don't deserve our good heart for valid reasons, but when it comes to the daily routines we've programmed ourselves in we need to make an effort to lead by example through positive actions. I hope that people continue to open doors, to leave compliments, to make others laugh, and I could never wish enough for more humanity to spread around the world.

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