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  • Dasia Zanders

Day Seven: Thankful for Writing

To end the lovely week of openly expressing my gratitude, it is time to acknowledge the one thing that has saved me the most, writing. For a number of years of my life there has been no greater joy for me than what I have found in written words. In the moments I feel weak I pick up a pen and my journal, curl up in a comfortable area, and in a few hours my mood isn't as foul as when I started. Writing has also given me a chance to express my happiness in so many words, sometimes I feel such enthusiasm that my words don't seem to do me justice so I edit and edit my sentences until they get as close to the accurate emotions in me. Above anything else, writing has given me purpose. There's been a lot of moments where I doubt myself and wonder about the direction my life is actually going. I worry that I may not be good enough to achieve all the dreams I keep in my mind and I often run away from some of my fears because it's too scary to think about the possibility of failure trying to fight them off. However, I think about the fact that I've managed to become a self-published author at such a young age and I feel...blessed. I'm not anywhere near being considered famous or well-known, but I do feel within me that writing is what I'm meant to do. I know I'm capable of being a writer that gives people a safe space to escape into their own imagination and hopefully finish my novels with inspiration in their minds and an ounce more of kindness in their hearts. If I weren't writing I think I would be in a depression far worse than what I occasionally deal with now. I'm thankful for the art of writing and I hope I never have to experience a world without it.

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