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  • Dasia Zanders

Holiday Season

Since fall semester has ended I have dived myself back into nothing else except writing and spending quality time with my dear friends and family. While working on my next novel I realized I have to mention the holiday season in this particular story or else the plot gets a bit messy. This is how I came to the realization today that writing about holidays or elaborate celebrations are difficult! Imagery isn't the issue in this situation for me, but what has become an issue is trying to determine whether or not I've written far too much about the kinds of ornaments hanging from a tree or if I was too vague about the arrangement of presents. After reading over the same five pages and editing, I finally deleted about three pages and let out a sigh of frustration. Even though the next week or two are about to be filled with family visiting and friends hanging out, I'm still going to try to make fun updated post on here. I'm even considering sharing a few holiday pictures. I like to hope that through it all I finally make that one holiday scene in the new story just right.

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