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  • Dasia Zanders

Write What You Want

One of the reasons I'm always fascinated by my interactions with people has been with how diverse they can be. People who are true to themselves never remind me of other people. I like to believe I stay true to myself and part of that is admitting there are layers to my personality. I know people have made assumptions about my personality based off what they've seen on my social media or by the small interactions they've had with me face to face. Sometimes people base their opinion on me through my writing, they take what I've written and try to decode what parts are from my life story then they think that gives them enough to assume who I am and what I should be expected to write. That doesn't sit well with me sometimes because I believe in writing to express whatever needs to be let out of a person's system. I've always expressed my different interest in my clothing style, in my makeup, my post on social media, and especially in my writing. My stories aren't centered around what people expect me to write, they're written based off where I'm at in my life and how I'm feeling. My next novel isn't going to be a fantasy novel but that doesn't mean I might never write one again, it just means I have a topic or two in mind with a different approach than my previous work.

Over the weekend I was reminded that people have made assumptions about me despite trying to keep my reputation as clean as possible. People assume that because I've written books that I'm now a diva. I've been called spoiled on multiple occasions along with other colorful terms to describe me and that's okay with me, I can handle harsh words from time to time. However, I think it's important that I make this post because I know there are other people out in the world who are still learning how to handle hateful comments, especially when there are young writers posting fan fiction and other pieces of theirs for the world to see. To anyone who has been judged based off what you write or the amount of success your writing has gotten, please remember to write whatever you want. Don't write anything because it's what people expect from you and don't let hateful people bring you down. The moment you put yourself out to the world you have to know that you're opening yourself up to ugly company too but remember those people don't truly know you.

Write the stories you feel need to be told and do it because you love to do it.

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