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  • Dasia Zanders

2019: Year of Empowerment

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is doing well and has enjoyed the holiday season with the people they care about. Personally, I took a much needed break from social media sites to finish up my fall semester strong, be present for all festive activities with my loved ones, and start planning the amazing opportunities to come for 2019! I'm truly excited for this year and all the projects I'm pursuing. In my personal life I spent 2018 healing my inner self, it was important that I take time to strengthen my personality and discover new parts of myself. Now, I think 2019 is the time to put myself out to the public more often and finally expand my horizons. I'm finishing editing on one novel and currently beginning another while also looking into ways I can express my creativity, my passions, and my best life lessons in healthy and diverse ways. Let us all look into 2019 as a year of empowerment and proving to ourselves that we're more capable than we realize and we're worth more than we'll ever truly know.

-Love Dasia

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