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  • Dasia Zanders

I Disconnect So I Can Be My Normal.

Hello everyone! 

At the time of me writing this, I have been off of my blog for several months. I've realized that I don't like writing when I feel I'm confined to a schedule. I wish I could tell everyone to expect weekly updates from me on here, but the truth is if I'm not feeling genuine about whatever I'm trying to post on here then I don't want to throw it out to the world. In these last several months, I have been working on my fourth book, started writing my fifth book, trashed it, started writing my fifth book again, have been in college studying, and I've found out a lot more about my inner self that I didn't really know was inside me. However, this week has been the most creative and bizarre week of my existence. I think when I go into introspection it creates a disconnection from me and the world. I've always been highly interested in constantly digging deeper to find out more about myself, but I'm also highly interested in digging deeper to find out more about other people and lifestyles. So in my head the best place to start is with self and expand outward. 

Haha, this week was...such a trip. 

I'm curious if anyone else experiences this sensation or if it's just my personal experience with introspection and creativity. My creativity this week has been fueled to the brim, but in that I have felt a certain connection with like minded people and a disconnection from the reality of our world. I know that probably sounds ridiculous or super serious. I found that I'm more passionate and driven to write when I am thinking about my generation as a whole and what we're consistently facing day to day. There's a lot of situations we're placed in due to the actions and choices of a previous generation that had a completely different viewpoint of what was considered normalcy. So when I travel into my brain to figure out how to write something that's able to be for my generation while also bridging the gap between us and the older generation, it's like disconnecting from the world to try and analyze and portray the world! You're disconnecting from what you're studying, while still being enveloped in what you disconnected from. Does that make sense? I'm not saying it's the right approach or the right way to do things, but I am saying that it's what I do and it's given me so much to think about this week. I think the issue that arises the most between older generations and newer generations is that the definition of normalcy is varied. 

Normalcy doesn't really exist. 

We make it exist because we all have a different interpretation of it.

My generations normalcy is not the same as the previous one and it won't be the same as the next one.

Which is why when I hear people complain and criticize others for going outside of the "norm", I'm genuinely fascinated. The only thing that should be considered abnormal is cruelty. Being unkind, vicious, and evil should be abnormal.

Exploring lifestyle choices, sexuality, gender identity, and forms of self-expression should never be seen as abnormal. 

At the end of it all I don't think it really matters what we did or said to express ourselves because we're individually discovering ourselves and creating our view of the world from birth to death. As long as we did it all with love, honesty, and a sense of compassion for humanity I think that's what should be society's definition of normalcy. 

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