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  • Dasia Zanders

2020: New Instagram, Podcast, & Novel

My first attempt at this took me over an hour, it was lengthy, beautifully expressive, and I felt it captured what my life has been the last three years. The universe didn't think that was necessary though and mid typing decided to magically delete every single word. Perhaps I should take this as a cue that sometimes less is more, so I will make this sweet and simple!

I'm excited for 2020 because I'm finally in a position where I can share more of myself and my writing with the world. My mental health is in order, my emotions are better in check, my social anxiety doesn't flare up as much anymore, and I'm more comfortable with being vulnerable and being myself without feeling afraid. I figured I'd do a small run down of what I've been planning and share it with all of you as I manifest it into existence.

1. I created a new public Instagram and here is why.

I used to have only one Instagram account and it was private for only classmates and family. However, I now have hundreds and hundreds of follower request waiting for me to approve them. I realized that slowly people are starting to show interest in me and my writing, which is fantastic! However, I still like maintaining some privacy and I love to post about my best friends and my younger family members. Due to those reasons, I decided to keep my private Instagram so I can share those moments of my life with the people I actually know in my life.

My public Instagram barely has anything of importance uploaded on it but that's because I know it's going to be used a lot in 2020. I'll post a lot about my writing and the random things I love most on there, so if anyone has interest in that you can follow me at dasiazanders25.

2. Podcast.

I love listening to people speak. I love speaking to genuine and open people and hearing their thoughts and how they've grown. I appreciate meaningful conversation and I've actually tried creating a podcast three different times. Twice by myself and once with my group of closest female friends, but I never posted them online because they didn't feel right to me. I couldn't get the energy right and now I realize it was because other parts of my life were taking the energy out of me. Now, I'm happy to say that after a few years of intense inner self-work and soul searching that I'm in a wonderful place mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I know what direction I want to go in and I know exactly how I'd like to present myself and eventually others as well so I'll keep everyone updated on how that process goes.

3. NEW NOVEL!!!!!


I've been working on this book since May of 2017. I still can't reveal the title yet because I am waiting for all the necessary permission to claim it, but I'm going to post so many teasers for it because this is the proudest I've ever been toward something I've created. I really do believe that it's going to be something everyone can enjoy and learn from. It's realistic, funny, emotional, and it makes me feel warm when I read it and view it. I feel at home within it and I really look forward to seeing the response to it.

That's all I have for today, but I'm going to be creating a photo gallery of all the holiday fun going on around me to post later on this month! I'll be making post about the days leading up to my holiday party and all the little things I do for some fun content to read!

Have a lovely day or night wherever you may be in the world!

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