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  • Dasia Zanders

Power Word of 2020: Exploration

We're almost a month into 2020 so this is a bit late but Happy New Year everyone!

Every year I think about what energy I want to bring into my life and the lives of others, then I choose a power word to use for the entire year. Last year, my word was Empowerment and it brought me a lot of personal growth that I needed. This year, I chose the word Exploration and even though it's only 20 days's been delightful!

  1. Some of my family members visited at the start of the year and we spent an entire day together enjoying museums, art, and quaint shops.

  2. During the edits of my book, there was a bit of a turn in the story line that brought me a closure I didn't know I needed.

  3. I love all of my classes for this semester and even more of a win, I like all of my professors.

  4. One of my best friends took me to Disney's Magic Kingdom over the weekend and I took so many wonderful photos while having an amazing time.

  5. My mother, my lovely mother, gifted me with an early birthday present. She got me concert tickets to see my absolute favorite group. I am not going to say which group it is until after I attend the concert for safety purposes BUT I will post photos AFTER I go.

All of these lovely experiences have made me want to share some parts of them so I would like to add a page to the website dedicated to photos and small commentary on what I felt in those moments. This year I want to explore as much as I can in my life and I'm excited about all the content I'm creating. It's been over two years of writing a novel, but as I get closer to finishing the edits I fully believe that it's taken so long for one reason, timing. I thought the right time to release it would be in late 2018 or early 2019. However, the timing of 2020 seems perfect. It is perfect because I wrote the book in a place of loneliness and I completed the first round of editing in a place of healing and introspection. Now, as I'm going through the story again, I feel the most unapologetic and relaxed I have ever been. I'm looking forward to sharing all my stories with people, small or large, whether they are my personal experiences or experiences I witnessed, and I'm grateful that I have the opportunities to do so.

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