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  • Dasia Zanders

How Quarantine Has Made Me Evaluate Life

As we all know, the world is in a delicate place right now. Quarantine is active and curfews are in place. Everything is closed and everyone has been asked to stay in their homes. It's been an odd time for the world with a lot of conflicting opinions. During these times, I've seen two types of people: People who care about others and people who only care about how these circumstances are impacting their fun. I don't understand why people are struggling to give up their freedom to have fun. People are getting ill and dying, that is a serious situation on a global scale yet there are more people who care about wanting to have a good time rather than care about the fact they could be spreading a virus. Just because one person's body is better equipped to fight off diseases doesn't mean someone else's body is and if you think that's not your problem then I hope you never have to learn the hard way what it's like for your body to turn against you. I've seen some true colors of people that I thought I knew well and unfortunately they have colors that I don't like. This quarantine situation has brought me perspective on the types of company I associate with. I want to be surrounded by selfless people, people that I know will help me help others and help me when I needed. I think it would be beneficial if everyone took this time to fix their priorities and remember what is important. On that note, I am going to work on a group project for a class, edit my novel, and make a few phone calls to family members.

*My Personal Priorities (In No Certain Order):

1. Family

2. Academics

3. Writing

4. Friendships

5. Mental Health

6. Environmental Awareness

7. Helping Children in Need

8. Women's Rights and Laws

9. Spiritual Health and Awareness

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