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  • Dasia Zanders

Accountability in Growth

At the time of writing this, I have shared the amazing news that my new novel will be out on November 16th. My best friends have received amazing news of their own as well that they have been sharing on their own terms. Our little tight-knit group is changing yet again but for once it doesn't feel as though we've been flipped upside down. As we're seeing a progression in who we are as individuals and how our experiences are shaping our futures, I've been going through my usual self-reflection.

I truly believe the only reason we're reaching the places we want to be is that we are taking accountability in our growth.

The word accountability has recently been associated with apologies and consequences. People have been demanding around the world that people be held accountable for their actions. Now, I'm not here to argue about that or dive into the complicated conversation of where the lines have become distorted while living with cancel culture. Instead, I want to talk about a different kind of accountability that can be viewed in a more positive way. The accountability we must honor when we grow as people.

One thing that has always captivated me is the way we as people have viewed progress and how we go about considering what is and is not deemed productive or successful. When we see someone go through a transformational period of their life, we often notice the result not the process. However, when we see that someone has gone backward instead of forward then we are quick to wonder where someone went wrong. While everything is circumstantial and there are plenty of factors that contribute to a person's life choices and directions, I want to speak about inner growth.

Everyone has to find a way to take accountability for the progress they make in their life. I understand it can take a long time to make progress and I think that is perfectly fine. It doesn't matter how long it takes a person to reach their goal as long as they are indeed proactively working toward that goal. It's okay if your personal growth is slow or if you are the type of person who can adapt and change quickly. However, once you obtain that growth it is up to you to maintain it or build on it and I don't think we talk enough about taking accountability in a positive way.

When I'm speaking with my closest friends, I'm listening to how proud they are of their accomplishments which they should be! They have all worked hard to obtain the jobs they have obtained, the degrees they have, and the other areas of their personal lives that they take great care of. Yet, while I'm listening I'm not only hearing them speak about the journey they had to take to get to where they are and the emotions associated, I'm hearing accountability for each choice they made along the way.

It is so easy to get a taste of success and feel the thrill that comes with it. From my point of view, I feel where most people go wrong is failing to take on the responsibility of that growth. We're such creatures of habit that we tend to fall back into old routines even if we are aware that they will no longer assist us in our new positions. I feel I'm part of a generation that is trying their best to open up conversations about taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in ways that previous generations may have been too shy or too uncomfortable to speak about. I hope we reach a place where we can acknowledge that taking accountability for our growth doesn't mean we can't have bad days, but that we can check in with ourselves and correct ourselves when it's necessary.

Being responsible for our lives can be daunting, but I think it can be quite a gift too. We're able to build our lives into more favorable images that we've dreamed about. Sometimes it takes a long time or a more difficult path, other times it happens quicker than we imagined, but I still hold onto the belief that it's possible.


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