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  • Dasia Zanders

Dreamy December #2

Dreaming should not cease to exist when you reach adulthood.

Too often our dreams minimize as we keep increasing in age. We share our dreams less and less, mainly because we know that we'd be met with a practical and logical response that kills the joy of dreaming. Dreams are not supposed to be buried with details of reality and they aren't limited to your age. You should dream more the older you get because you have more experiences, more wisdom, and you should have more creativity. We limit ourselves too much with the idea that we need to grow out of childhood fairytales and face the cruel world for what it is. While there is partial truth in this belief structure, it is not the only truth. Yes, the world is harsh. Yes, all of us have to grow into responsibilities and take on mature roles for mature circumstances. That doesn't mean you have to give up on the wonder of your imagination or the dreams that bring you happiness. There's a reason that Disney has seen visitors of all ages for their parks, movies, and related items. The natural magic in dreaming may be the one part of us that doesn't freeze into one time capsule of our lives. Instead, it flows through us on a daily basis and shapeshifts at our will without resistance or complaint. While we experience the most challenging parts of our lives I wish that we never give up on our ability to dream. Even when we're plagued with the notion that we are expected to be realistic, I hope we all give ourselves a little time in our day to dream of the wildest, craziest, illogical, fantastic, and beautiful things imaginable.

Not all dreams are unrealistic. Please, do not lose the chance to dream of something that you could one day bring to your reality, and do not cheat yourself out of the joy of dreaming.


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