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  • Dasia Zanders

I Keep Seeing Butterflies

I hated everything that people associated with butterflies growing up. I thought it was a bit ridiculous that a vast majority believed that a creature with an average lifespan of about a year was seen as a symbol of loved ones passed, life, and transformation. I was also incredibly cynical about the idea of a creature being called ugly until it went into hiding to become something beautiful. I understood why butterflies were fascinating to watch develop and why they were so visually appealing, but I could never understand the emotions they stirred in people. This was my mind for quite a few years in my youth.

This year my perspective has greatly shifted.

I have never seen so many butterflies in my life. Everywhere I've turned there has been some kind of butterfly. They've made more appearances in my yard. I've seen them pop up in random pieces of art I've looked at. They're referenced in the songs that I've been listening to. With all these butterflies in my line of vision, it has become increasingly difficult not to recognize why people are so fond of them. They truly are beautiful creatures with an abundance of colors swirling past with their delicate wings. Maybe there's a reason I keep seeing so many of them, but I think I finally understand why people feel such a deep association with butterflies. They carry ethereal energy with them, a soft reminder to take life with a little more light and elegance.


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