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  • Dasia Zanders

Pointless Conversations Are Needed.

As we are all aware, this year has been very dark. If you're living in America like I am, then right now you know that tensions are high as the election approaches. Today, I don't want to be too serious or self-reflect. Instead, I want to give a gentle reminder that when you're feeling down or the world seems to be collapsing in front of you to have a pointless conversation. Laughter is important. Engage in pointless conversations with your friends and if you're an individual that is seeking your soul family then turn to other sources for those pointless and humorous conversations. Go on YouTube, find a podcast somewhere, or look for a funny book or article to read.

I have been holding up pretty well during this year. For a substantial amount of time I was able to keep from getting too sad or letting my temper overtake me, but last month I had to feel exhausted. I had to feel drained, I had to feel extreme sadness for the world and the people in it, and I had to allow myself moments to feel enraged. Last night, I was in a group chat with my best friends and for once we did not talk about the world around us. We took a break for a night to just talk about whatever was floating in our minds and it was the best medicine I could ever ask for. It was a pointless, stupid, and hilarious conversation. I laughed for what felt like the first time in forever and it felt liberating. We talked about music that we couldn't understand why it gained popularity when we were younger. There was a brief topic on all the ways our names have been misspelled, mispronounced, and nicknames. A very heated debate began on when it's the appropriate time to start playing holiday music, a debate that I still feel I was wrongfully outnumbered in! This lasted for well over an hour but it was an hour that left me in such a great mood when I fell asleep and an even better mood when I woke up in the morning.

I know world events are terrifying. I know some people are struggling mentally or starting to lose hope, but please please please remember to find something to laugh about with good people. Not every conversation has to be life-changing or fill you with creativity and passion. Sometimes, the best conversations that you need to have are the ones that make no sense, the ones that are playful, and the ones that make you smile when they end.

Screenshots of the Start of Chaos:


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