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  • Dasia Zanders

You Deserve Acknowledgment.

Recently, I've been pondering why we as people tend to underestimate ourselves and fail to accept that we deserve acknowledgment. We have been conditioned to focus our mindset on how we can improve that we often lose track of the things we've already done. The messages and comments I have been receiving lately have been quite flattering and I do not take them for granted and I do not take them lightly. They mean a lot to me and they've helped me remember why I fell in love with the world of writing and creativity as a whole. While I can give you stories and pieces of entertainment, I wanted to also give you safe zones to express yourself and feel some comfort.

Please, take this as a reminder for the day.

You deserve acknowledgment for the wonderful accomplishments you have made. Whether you view them as small gestures or grand challenges you've overcome, you still deserve acknowledgment for it. Life is such a weird experience on a human level no matter where you're living in the world. It can become difficult to get through a day at a time so when you do, you should celebrate that victory. You made it through another day! Each of us needs to learn how and when to be gentle with ourselves, especially when discussing goals and motivations. You are the only person who can truly discover what you need to reach your own version of success. Everyone else in your life, including me, can only be supportive or perhaps give you some necessary pieces of advice and life tools for you to use in the ways best suitable for you.

I don't have a ton of answers and I'm taking things a step at a time as they come to me. However, I have experienced things in life that taught me harder lessons and forced me to mature at a pace that I often question if I was ready for. While I might not be able to always speak to each of you individually, I will always try my best to create different types of content for you that will bring comfort and hopefully help you get closer to discovering the essence of your being.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your messages, comments, and stories.

Thank you very much for reading anything I've posted.

Acknowledge yourself for all the good you have done in your life, the good you will do in your life, and know that you gave me a new experience that I will forever be grateful for having.

Stay safe. Be as healthy as you can. Be as kind as you can.

Much love,

Dasia Z.


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