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  • Dasia Zanders

The First Character Profile Video: Rosalia Cassadine

Hi everyone! :)

So as I am fitting into my new schedule with college, work, and other social events I have a pretty good idea about how I plan to go about the channels. The first character profile we will be posting will be Rosalia Cassadine. I am not sure if Des will be joining me in this particular discussion but I will go about the discussion either way. The discussion will talk about how Rosalia was thought up and everything that went into creating her and how I decided to change her throughout the years to achieve where she is now, we will talk about her personality in detail, mention her sense of style plus the way it changes in correlation to her personality (because it does relate to her personality in book two) and of course there is the topic of her relationships. Not only will it be about her love interest but it would also be about some of her most vital relationships within her family. Finally the end question I will answer: How I’ve felt creating her and if I could change anything about her what would it be and why?

I look forward to the video and I think I am going to be posting at least twice a week. This particular discussion can be expected to be up Sunday September 18th in the late afternoon!

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