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  • Dasia Zanders

Life Update: I Feel Adventurous.

The week right before spring break usually is full of exams, assignments, and other various projects that have me drinking way more coffee than should be allowed. There's a lot to get done in such a short amount of time but I like to believe I've formulated a schedule that accepts the tasks gracefully. While sitting in my developmental psychology lecture my professor mentioned how important it is for everyone to find time for the fun to avoid overworking themselves and my mind drifted down to my upcoming plans. One goal of mine for spring break is to complete the first draft of my new novel, currently, I have about twenty-three chapters done but I'm estimating it's going to take fifteen more before I call it finished. I'm a bit low on inspiration right now since my mind has been spinning with hard choices that only life can provide a person, but I'm anticipating this weekend to kick off a break filled with precious memories with the people who inspire me most. Maybe it's the fact that my birthday is in this month but I always feel a particular spark of joy and adventure in March. I'm thinking about posting life updates on this blog as I explore my days with both new friends and friends I've been with so long they're the equivalent of a family in my heart. Inspiration to write comes from so many different places but what guides me to pour my heart out on pages of papers comes from the inspiration life can give. This world is filled with a lot of beautiful people and places despite all the awful things we bare witness to on the daily basis. I feel adventurous and I'd love to share the most beautiful things that come out of that.

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