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  • Dasia Zanders

Take The Dive

The last post I made before this one was all about working on the final chapters of my book. I was worried about how it would end and if I would be pleased with the end result. Now as September has fallen upon us I can confidently say that I'm happy, inspired, and working hard on future projects to present to the public within time. At the time of writing I was under some stress as I was taking four classes for summer semester and handling other issues. However, I was quite proud of myself for being able to finish the story that holds so much personal meaning for me. That being said, I've already began a new adventure. I've started writing another story that I hope to craft a thrilling story line with a fresh batch of characters that properly represent diverse abilities, the power of women, and the importance of never giving up on challenges. A message that I truly believe in and have goals to accomplish in the next few months. I've been working on an idea that is going to require time, effort, and commitment from all participants involved. If things go as plan I hope to release this new concept in October, but if it fails then I have no worries I will try again until it's right. I'm excited and a little nervous because I am playing outside my comfort zone, but life is about taking the dive to try new things. I'm looking forward to expanding my name and creating a brand that properly depicts me, the people who support me, and the world that I choose to believe in and work on in hopes that everyone will find something they can fully appreciate and enjoy.

-Love Dasia

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