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  • Dasia Zanders

Day Six: Thankful For Internet

Yesterday I was unable to post because of issues with my computer. Due to the lack of access I had to the internet I realized how much joy I have found because of technology. I think it's healthy to find happiness in the outside world and socialize with people face to face, but I also think you can find a lot of joy on safe websites. I missed being able to look up fun videos and read different online articles. The internet has given me such a variety of outlets to express myself in whichever ways I see appropriate. The day without the internet wasn't awful, I read a few chapters of a book and I wrote in my journals a bit, but I did miss the ability to check up on my friends and see what everyone else was up to during this lovely transition time of the year. I can survive for a while without the internet at my fingertips, but I'm thankful it's opened doors for me to communicate with others and express myself.

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