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  • Dasia Zanders

Day Four: Thankful For My Mom

My mother is an exceptional woman and that isn't up for debate. From the moment I was born she made me the focal point of her whole world, selflessly putting anything and anyone else aside to keep me as the number one priority. Today, as we prepared for our Thanksgiving feast and celebration tomorrow with a gathering of family and friends, my mother kept seeking out my laughter and she accomplished her mission. We ranted together about the poorly thought out plans people make and we laughed at terrible puns as well as inside jokes. Her sarcastic commentary as I began baking a cake for tomorrow was enough to make me stop in the middle of stirring to double over in a fit of giggles and when she eventually couldn't keep up the indifferent facial expression she broke character, her laughter over powering mine. It made me feel proud to be the source of such a glorious sound. Even as I type this post for the blog she sits across the room on the couch flipping through a holiday magazine, completely amused and yet totally unaware of what I'm writing. These moments are when I feel the most love for my mother because I can view her as the woman that she is, not just the mother figure she's always been to me and I find her beautiful and full of life. I wouldn't be here without my mother, I wouldn't be who I am without my mother, and I can't imagine my life without her presence.

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