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  • Dasia Zanders

Quick Thank You

Hi everyone,

I'm not here for anything particular today. I guess I wanted to write freely and say a thank you. I've been thinking about how incredible it is that we're in a world where connecting with someone in a completely different country is possible. The way we all seem to drop our cultural differences by bonding over writing, music, and other forms of entertainment and art. It's truly remarkable.

I made a small drabble a week ago and it climbed to 1k views a lot faster than I expected it to. It reminded me how fun it is to ramble with no direction from time to time. I love everything I've created and I hope I continue creating things that bring people comfort. When I'm writing a novel that I know will be making its way out into the world, I have to be aware of certain structures. For all the fun that is present in creating a story, it can often get blocked by the necessary steps taken to form that story into a physical novel. To be able to step away from that in these last few weeks was refreshing and fun.

In good news, the cover is almost done for the book! :D I'm so excited to start finally sharing the novel and getting into some conversations based on the story soon. It's been three years of hard work, a lot of healing, and a lot of waiting. Thank you for keeping your eye on me. Thank you for reading! Thank you for all the support.

I genuinely do want to spread love and comfort to others. I am super grateful and I will work harder in the future to make you proud.

Love you.


Dasia Zanders


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