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  • Dasia Zanders

Video Issues & College Laughter

So Rosalia's profile character video had some technical issues. I am determined to get this video uploaded this weekend because I refuse to be brought down by technology! On a more lighter note I found some inspiration around campus today. After my philosophy class ended I made my way to my next class using the second floor walk way which I never do. I was stunned by the beauty of this lake with a few trees surrounding it. It was a clam reminder that nature has such simplistic beauty. Then while waiting for my next class I had the joy of watching one young man's amazement when he discovered there was a cafeteria on campus. The way everyone laughed with him about his new discovery and lightly made fun of him in a friendly way gave me an idea for a new novel that I would like to work on after my lovely Cassadine ride comes to an end. Even I found myself putting down the book I was reading (Attachments by Rainbow Rowell) to participate in not conversation and laughter. I always leave in the morning for my classes with a little bit of fear and anxiety when really everyone is learning something new through their days and believe it or not, there are still some laid back good people in the world.

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