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  • Dasia Zanders

Tea, Halsey, and Typing

I wonder what everyone else does during late nights. Mine are often spent writing, whether it's for school or the next book I think about putting out. During these times I like to listen to music while enjoying a warm cup of tea. The music helps me sort out my emotions to keep from writing messy paragraphs or rambling nonsense, even if those are sometimes the best writing you can do. However, I listen to the music mostly because I love how music is one of those things that doesn't require one specific part of a person's personality to come out to play, you can show various sides of yourself without having to give explanation. Thanks to music I've been able to shape and mold diverse characters throughout my writing, I like to make playlist for all my characters as a way to remind myself of their personality and the layers that go with it. Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy to anyone who may not fully understand how or why a character can become so alive to its creator, but I found that it brings a form of communication between me and the characters I make.

Currently, one of my favorite songs is Angel On Fire by Halsey. It's one of those songs that I could picture some of my own feelings and life experiences in. I know that the song is out there for everyone to listen to and I'm sure there's plenty of young people who feel like they connect to the song, but I still like to think of it as one of my songs, the kind that I feel such a close connection to that I can't help but hear it in my head, especially when life is challenging my personal relationships and goals for the future. I've felt the songs loneliness and self reflection, but the reason I'm bringing it up is because tonight I found myself blaring Angel On Fire while typing away at the new story I'm working on. I felt that the character I was writing for could feel a certain type of nostalgia for who she used to be. I know sometimes I do. Tonight was a night where I began seriously questioning myself which made writing anything difficult with my head too cluttered with thoughts about things I've said and done that ended in me drowning in embarrassment, self-loathing, or heartache. So I made tea, put on Halsey and before I knew it I was typing away on my laptop giving life to a new character for a new journey. That's the beauty in art, it doesn't matter if you're a writer, artist, musician, or part of another artistic outlet because there are beautiful moments where the two can merge to create something incredible.

Now that it's quieted down again, I'm left with my thoughts stirring back up. I'm curious how many people are awake right now with no intention on going to sleep anytime soon. I wonder how many of them are trying to clear their mind of negativity like I am or how many are using something they're passionate and talented in as a way to express themselves safely. I hope all of us who can't sleep are doing some good with the quiet. I hope everyone is alright. I hope everyone has that one song that restores some sort of hope or faith inside of them.

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